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About us Oak timber, Ash timber, Beech timber, Pine timber, Spruce Timber, Fir timber...
We are exporters/producers of processed timber such as European OAK, Beech, Fir, Ash and many other species of hard & softwood. Our main product is European White OAK lumber, timber, flooring, glued panels. In addition to that we are also produce parquet flooring, solid wood flooring and solid wood doors. In addition to timber we also export European White Oak logs of EU origin.

Our company acquires timber from the forestry and gets it processed by using several sawmills. By using several other sawmills for processing allows us to increase our capacity. We are cooperating with several other suppliers from Croatia, Slovenia, United Kingdom.  

We hope that you enjoy visiting our website, we would be glad to deal with your inquiry efficiently and timely. Apart from English, we have personnel who speak in the following languages; Arabic, French, Croatian, Vietnamese and Chinese. Please ask us for more details.

We export mainly EU origin timber such as Beech, Oak, Ash, Pine, Spruce, Fir, Walnut, Cherry and many other species of hardwood as well as softwood. Our new line of products will include American Red OAK, American ASH, North American Softwood. All the products from USA will be shipped directly. Our USA office details will soon be published online. In mean time if you have any inquiries about USA origin Hardwoods and Softwoods, please feel free to send us an email.